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Let me start off by saying that this is my first attempt at starting a Blog. I have been browsing through different pages, learning whatever I can about how to make and format a Blog that people will be interested in. I kept seeing how “easy and quick” it is, and decided to download the Word Press application on my tablet. Easy and quick??.

   My main reason for being here is to provide gamers and techys information and reviews, along with different resources to help the reader make the right decision when it comes to a purchase. I’m really excited to begin and I hope my Blog will prove some type of worth in a category already saturated with credible authors.

Just to give a little background on myself, my name is Zach, my friends call me Zacho. I have been a self proclaimed “Gamer” since the age of 6-7, playing with my father’s old Atari and grandfather’s state-of-the-art NES. I am now 24 years old, born and raised on Cape Cod, and spend more time on my Xbox360 than I probably should admit to. I own many games and accessories for my console, and have read enough about the products I don’t own to make an informed opinion for someone else.

Another subject I hope to provide information about is “Mobile Electronics”, mainly Tablets and mobile devices. I myself own a Galaxy Tab 10.1, and bought a iPad for my father for Christmas. I have also learned many things about my tablet and hope to find my own space to call home under this category as well.

I just want to see how far this Blogging hobby can go, and hope that one of my future posts will indeed help someone reading, that is honestly my main goal and focus. Thanks for visiting, and I can’t wait to get started on my first Game Review for Xbox360!



  1. Well said Zacho, definately an accurate description. Good Luck, Kimmy

  2. Awesome Zach! With all of your gaming knowledge, experience and enthusiasm…you’re going to help lots of people! Great job on your blog!

  3. Great blog !! Can’t wait to learn more about “mobile electronics”

  4. Thank you very much guys! I just hopped in here to check out something and saw that I had +4 comments! Bow-chik-a-bow-oww!

  5. Have to admit I am a great admirer of Zacho. Not a techy at all, but really impressed by the descriptive writing ability. Shows me Zacho is worth paying attention to. Mearle

  6. What a great blog. Cant wait to read the tips and for you to share all of your knowledge.

  7. Thanks for the support on my blog Zacho! You’re blog is awesome, your choice in images is great! keep up the awesome work can’t wait to read your next posts! 🙂

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